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DD Xpress and SAND Xpress: Logistics’ Best Friends

Posted by Rod McCoremick on Jan 30, 2017 11:01:57 AM

Most drillers are well aware of how the use of drilling fluid additives can improve drilling performance in many ways. From improving core recovery to extending the life of drilling tools, drilling fluid additives have proven themselves.

Matex-SAND-XPRESS-tasse.jpgNow with the launch of SAND Xpress and DD Xpress, the use of drilling fluid additives has become much easier and simpler experience for drillers. These are all-in-one products that you simply measure and add to water – no pre-mixing saves time, no training is required and errors are reduced. You do no need to follow a recipe. DD Xpress is great for most ground conditions and the newly launched SAND Xpress is ideal for conditions with sand, gravel or cobble.


These two products also offer the guys working in purchasing and logistics benefits as well, including the following:

  • Smaller inventory to manage

Purchasing agents only have to order one product. This also means that there is less physical product that needs to be kept in inventory.

  • Transportable by Air

Logistics staff will appreciate the fact that DD Xpress and SAND Xpress are transportable by air. This simplifies things if you need to get product to a remote site quickly, either by plane or helicopter.


  • Easy to Order

Purchasing agents don’t have to worry about having the right ratio of DD Xpress, SAND Xpress and Torqueless in stock. There is no need to pre-mix so with one bucket, there is always the right amount of each on hand.

  • Reduces waste

Since the polymer ratio is always, correct, there is less product waste. No recipe to follow means that errors in measurement are eliminated. Additionally, hand-mixing can lead to clumping and other mistakes.

  • More bang for the buck

There are more polymers in DD Xpress and SAND Xpress. As they are premixed in the pail, the polymers are also better encapsulated by Torqueless as compared to a hand-made premix.



You can also get a cool, little aluminum cup that is perfect for measuring out the right amount of product. You can always contact our technical team to learn more about both DD Xpress and SAND Xpress and how these products can make drilling easier.

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