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Drill Rigs Are Joining the Product Line in the USA

Posted by Rod McCoremick on May 4, 2021 2:00:00 PM
Rod McCoremick

We love to pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with everything they could possibly need for drilling in either mineral exploration or geotechnical drilling. We’ve got an amazing selection of core bits, drill rods, casing and in-the-hole equipment like core barrels and recovery tools. Our product line includes lubricants, thread compounds and additives, pumps, and even a drilling water treatment system. From the smallest core lifter to burlap bags and core boxes. What you might have noticed missing from this list is drill rigs.

Well, the good news is that for our customers in the USA, we will be offering a selection of drill rigs from Christensen, Diamec and Explorac.   In addition to the sale of these rigs, we will also be offering spare parts and service. The goal is to make sure and offer our US customers an exceptional customer experience so an Exploration Competency Center officially opened last Monday, May 3, and this center will be located at our Fordia USA office in Elko Nevada. US customers will be able to place one single order for all their exploration needs at a convenient and centralized location. The team there is very knowledgeable and experienced and will be able to handle customer requests, answer any questions they may have and provide guidance regarding all exploration equipment including core bits, in-the-hole equipment and more.


Of course, our technical team is also always available should you have questions. Our goal is help drillers improve performance and we continue to introduce new products, revamp old ones and find ways to make their lives easier. The Exploration Competency Center is a perfect example of that.

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