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Eddy Goes to an Onsite Visit

Posted by Rod McCoremick on May 15, 2019 11:00:00 AM
Rod McCoremick

In an earlier blog, I described an onsite visit and how it led to special sized diamond tools being built. This week I want to continue talking about some of the reasons our technical team may go on an onsite visit.

Not all onsite visits involve problems with products or ground conditions. Sometimes they are a good opportunity to demonstrate new products or solutions. This was the case in Montreal recently when we had a request to demo Eddy, our water treatment system.


Our customer, Forage Andre Roy (FAR) is a Quebec-based company that provides geotechnical, environmental, geothermal and exploration drilling services. They had heard about Eddy and wanted to see it in action.



 In order to be able to test Eddy properly, the company needed to find a site where coring would be deeper than 5 to 10 feet, and where there was good water return. The company was in the process of testing soil prior to the construction of a retail complex, in Montreal. The holes being drilled there were 35 feet deep and the ground was not fractured making it an ideal spot for testing. The ground would generate enough cuttings in order for the Eddy to do its magic and separate the cuttings from the water.


The geotechnicalEDDY-blog-pic2 team from the head office in Montreal arranged to bring Eddy to the site and perform a demonstration. In addition to the team from FAR, two other interested parties were present: the environmental department of a Quebec utility company and a large firm specializing in the areas of soil, materials and environmental engineering. 


As the demo finished, both parties were impressed with the results and thought that the Eddy had great potential. The environmental impact of construction projects has become a priority for the public, governmental organizations and private enterprise alike. Eddy’s ability to maintain a small environmental footprint through recycling the water used in drilling will be seen positively by concerned citizens. The utility company is interested in being at the forefront of environmentally friendly technology and products.


Drill sites are excellent places to introduce customers to new products and new technologies. Customers can see the products in action and witness the results first-hand. The use of Eddy in geotechnical drilling will become more common as geotechnical drilling is of performed in urban areas where environmental considerations are important. Don’t hesitate to contact our technical team if you have a situation or question that needs to be addressed.

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