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Husky Drill Rods Go the Distance Down Under

Posted by Rod McCoremick on Oct 24, 2017 11:28:19 AM
Rod McCoremick

Regular readers of this blog know that I often write about the importance of picking good quality drilling equipment, in particular, core bits and drill rods. Higher quality equipment may cost more, but in the long run it is worth it when you take into account the total cost of ownership. So when one of our customers has great success using our equipment, I like to share it because it’s great learning for everyone.


Our customer, Australia Underground Drilling (AUD) operates 18 drill rigs in the western part of Australia. They are known for fast, safe and efficient production and as a result, they have earned a reputation in the industry as the most productive company in the business. In the area where they were drilling, ground conditions vary, but hardness is normally between 6 and 8 on the Mohs scale, and abrasiveness is common.

Due to the high number of fast meters drilled, AUD went through rods very quickly and the turnover of the drill rods was too high. They were looking for higher quality drill rods that were more durable and on the suggestion of the local Fordia team, they tried one drill rod string from Fordia. They were impressed by its long lifespan.

They used Husky drill rods for six months and during that time, they were able to get about 18,000 meters per rod string. That’s a whopping 40% increase in rod lifespan. What that means is that they needed to purchase and transport 40 % fewer drill rods per year. So even though Husky drill rods may be more expensive, you need to look at the total cost per meter. This customer ran operations from up to 1,500 km away, so being able to keep transport costs low is a huge financial advantage for them. The longer lifespan of the Husky drill rods meant that the cost per meter was 20 % less when compared to the competition. Other advantages of the higher quality rods included less time was wasted switching out rod strings and fewer problems occurring down the hole due to rods breaking, or belling. 

Our new plant is focused on high quality control standards. We are happy to hear of these kinds of stories and eager to share them with our readers. Reading about the actual results from one of our customers supports what we have been saying about the importance of quality control standards. You can read more details about this case study here.

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