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The Year in Review

Posted by Rod McCoremick on Dec 26, 2016 10:28:00 AM

Last year at this time, we were just starting to publish our blogs and guides. Since the start of 2016, I am pleased to have published 51 blogs and 10 guides, some of them in 2 or 3 languages.

We also produced 1 video and 4 case studies. We also decided to extend our social media presence to include Facebook and Twitter.

All of this material was developed to help drillers who work in mineral exploration, geotechnical of environmental industries. Because our mission and goal is to help drillers’ improve their performance.

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Since our customers are around the world and have different drilling experience, we have talked about drilling equipment, common issues, basic information, covered new product developments. We talked about how to fix things, how to mix things, how to choose things and we have talked about lighter subjects like beer and beards.

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Many of you have subscribed to our blog or newsletter. Thank you for letting us into your inbox. Even more of you have downloaded our guides, videos and case studies. We hope you enjoyed, found them useful and were able to improve your drilling performance because of them.

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