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Who’s the Best Diamond Driller?

Posted by Rod McCoremick on Aug 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

It's the beginning of August and an excellent time to announce a contest for Canadian drillers that runs for this entire month. It’s not often we get a contest that challenges our drilling ability but Fordia is launching one in honour of their 40th anniversary. We’re calling it the “Beat the Heat” contest.

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Here’s how it works. During the month of August, we are looking for the drilling team that drills the most meters per shift at one site. You need to be using Fordia diamond tools during the shift that produced the highest number of meters and you need to be ready to provide proof by way of a bit tag, log book or daily report.

A drilling company needs to have at least two drill rigs in operation to qualify for the contest . This contest is only open to sites in Canada. There can be only one winning team per company.


Participating companies must submit their winning team, the list of members and the meters drilled as well as the diamond tool used to achieve the winning performance. So if you want to show off your drilling skills, consider entering the contest. Hurry up – one month only.

Interested in this contest? Please contact


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