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Diamond Drilling Tips: Never Do the Following

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How to Extend Drilling Equipment Life While Waiting for New Parts

All About Drill Rods, Casing and Water Swivels

The Core Drilling Process: Learn About It in This Video

International Standards for Diamond Drilling Equipment

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Everything You Need to Know About our Drill Rods

Core Drilling Basics: A Video on Exploration Processes

Looking for a Drill Rig in Canada?

Back to the Basics of Core Drilling

Our Free Guide to Core Bit Configurations Has Been Updated

Saving Trips Down the Hole with the Prism Wedge

Drill Rigs Are Joining the Product Line in the USA

What is Phosphate and What it Means for Drill Rod Threads

Our Most Popular Guide Has Been Updated and It’s Free for Download

What’s New for PDAC 2021 This Year

Great Additional Training All New Helpers Should Get

3 Things You Need to Know about the Rotating Pump Through Stuffing Box

AME Roundup 2021 Goes Virtual

The 2,000 Meter Club: A New Game Just for Drillers

The Many Ways of Transporting Drilling Equipment

A Quick Look at Casing Advancers and Why You May Need One

When Picking Water Swivels, Are You Drilling Shallow or Deep?

Top 10 Diamond Driller Bad Habits

What You Need to Know About the Gauges on Your Drill Rig

4 Reasons Why Diamond Drillers Should Choose a Safety Overshot

COVID-19 and the World of Drilling

A Guide to Help You Extend the Life of Your Core Bit

Blocked Core in Dry Hole Drilling

Diamond Drilling 101: Pushing a Block

It's Time for Another PDAC

How Foundex Fell in Love with the KF40

What You Need to Know to Pick Your Next Best Pump

How to Carry Heavy on a Drill Site

Matrix Drilling Tries Core Wrap

National Scores Big with the DiscovOre System

November is Time to Grow a Mo

The Simplest Way to Configure Your RC Drill String

How Do You Pick Your Matrix?

Protect Your Core in Core Wrap

RC Drilling: The Art of Saving a Drill String

DiscovOre: A Different Core Barrel System

4 Good Reasons Why Diamond Drillers Need an Aquaguard

Drilling Additives for RC Drilling – Yes, We Have Them

The OWL Fishing Tool:  How Low Can You Go?

4 Reasons Why Our New Web Site is Good News for Drillers

When is a 6 inch Reaming Shell Not a 6 inch Reaming Shell?

Comparing Diamond Drilling with Reverse Circulation Drilling

Which Core Bit to Use When Wedging?                  The Prism60

Onsite Visit Results in Left-handed Coring

Trouble shooting Matrix Wear – ID Gauge Loss

Eddy Goes to an Onsite Visit

Onsite Technical Visits: Large Diameter Bore Holes

Drilling Parameters: A New Guide for Diamond Drillers

5 Easy Tips to Go From Helper to Driller

PDAC 2019: New Faces and New Products

Newbie’s Overview of Diamond Drilling Safety

Drilling in Hard Rock

Dos and Don'ts for Soft Rock Drilling

6 Questions for Rod McCoremick: Diamond Drilling Veteran

More Diamond Drillers’ Cocktails

Hero 5 Abrasive: A Bit That Lasts Longer and Cuts Consistently

How to Stabilize Your Core Barrel

8 Tips for Increasing Productivity in Diamond Drilling

A New Guide for Diamond Drillers on Bore Hole Deviation

Why You Should Consider a Water Treatment System at Core Shacks

10 More Drilling Terms Every Diamond Driller Should Know

Which Supply Pump Will Do the Job?

Pressure Pumps in Diamond Drilling: Triplex Piston versus Triplex Plunger

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs

Is Your Drill Rod Grease Really Doing What You Want?

Eddy Water Treatment System Helps Look for Gold

How to Choose the Right Surface Set Diamond Core Bit

8 Tips for Keeping Insects Away Naturally

How and When to Use the Vulcan 40 mm

How to Take Care of Your Core

3 Reasons Why Geotechnical Drillers Need an Elepump KF-50M

4 Geology Terms Diamond Drillers Need to Know

Tips to Recover Core More Easily

How to Grill a Fish: 8 Tips for Diamond Drillers

Core Lifters: Small Parts with a Big Impact on Drilling Performance

Core Barrels: Getting to Know Your Outer Tube

Core Barrels: Understanding Your Head Assembly

Core Barrels: Do You Know Your Inner Tube?

3 Examples of Old School vs. New School in Diamond Drilling

A Primer on Casing Shoes and Crown Shoes in Diamond Drilling

5 Myths about Diamond Drilling

Eddy Leaves a Smaller Ecological Footprint in Mexico

Reaming Shells – A New Guide for Diamond Drillers

Diamond Drilling in the City – A Success Story

How to Organize Your Drilling Project like a Pro

When is Diamond Drilling Like Football?

Vulcan Configurations: How to Choose the Right Crown Height

9 Best Products for a Driller's Gym Bag

Tips for Diamond Drilling in Permafrost

Tips for High Altitude Diamond Drilling

6 Great Places in the World to Go Salmon Fishing

8 Best Cocktails for Diamond Drillers

Who is Mohs and Why Did He Make a Scale?

Why Not All Drilling Grease Is the Same

More to Learn about Drilling Deep Holes

Watch and Learn How Not to Ruin Your Core Bit

Why You Need a Water Heater in Diamond Drilling

12 Terms in Diamond Drilling You Should Know

EXPLO 220 Geotechnical Drill Rig Hits Success in the Big City

Your Glossary of Acronyms in Diamond Drilling

Husky Drill Rods Go the Distance Down Under

How to Spot Good Driller Potential When Hiring

Latest Safety Gear Requirements for Diamond Drillers

Why You Need to Avoid the Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Preventing Core Washout

7 Things to Do When Drilling Deep Holes

Drilling in Really Hard Rock: 3 Tips for Diamond Drillers

10 Tips to Sleeping Well During the Day

How to Avoid Leaking Drilling Equipment

Drilling without Access to Fresh Water

10 Tips for Salmon Fishing

Who’s the Best Diamond Driller?

A New Geotechnical Drill Rig with Muscle

5 Tips to Improve Core Recovery

Handy Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Quality Control in Diamond Drilling

Matrix Toubleshooting: Outside Diameter Wear

Geocaching: Cool Activity for Diamond Drillers

At the Bottom of the Bore Hole: How Not to Ruin Your Core Bit

On the Way Down the Bore Hole: How Not to Ruin Your Core Bit

How Not to Ruin Your Core Bit Before Using – Above Ground

5 Reasons You Need Thread Compounds and Lubricants for Your Drill Rods

8 Tips to Grilling the Perfect Hamburger

Matrix Troubleshooting: Burnt Core Bits

Diamond  Drilling in Ground with Clay or Shale

A Primer on Recovery Tools in Diamond Drilling

4  Simple Tools You Need to Become a Drilling Mud Mixing Pro

NEXT Top 10 Non-Drilling Related Skills for Diamond Drillers

What Kind of Diamond Driller Are You?

Drill Site Security: Changing of the Seasons

How to Choose the Size of Your Reaming Shell

Core Matrix Troubleshooting: Polished Core Bits

Top 10 Skills for Diamond Drillers - Not Drilling Related

The Importance of Drilling Parameters

Choosing Core Bit Configurations: Discharge Options

Large Diameter Single Tube Core Barrel Saves the Day

Core Matrix Troubleshooting: Overly Exposed Diamonds

5 New Fitness Trends for 2017

DD Xpress and SAND Xpress: Logistics’ Best Friends

The Role of Waterways in Configurations: 3 Factors to Consider

An 8th Reason to Choose GeoHawk Products for Geotechnical Drilling

Roundup 2017 – Discover DD Xpress and our Case Study

Happy 2017 to our readers

The Year in Review

Top 7 Gift Ideas for Drillers

Fundamental Guide to Choosing the Right Core Bit Configuration

13 Things You Need to Know about the New DD XPRESS

Geotechnical Drilling in Tight Spaces? Discover the Explo 220

Bore Hole Maintenance 101

Diamond Drilling 101: No Water Circulation

5 Good Reasons to Fill Out a Core Bit Tag

Movember – Drillers’ Guide to Facial Hair

How Fractured Ground Conditions Affect Diamond Drilling

Tattoo Trends for Diamond Drillers

5 Precautions to Take When Setting a Wedge

Time To Go Fishing – 4 Ways to Recover Your Drill Rod

20 Facts About Beer That you Probably Didn’t Know

5 Tips to Improving Your Drillers’ Log

6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Diamond Core Bit

ABCs of Diamond Drilling – Drilling Components

Drill Site Security – Best insect repellent for outdoor workers

Diamond Drilling in Sandy Conditions

ABCs of Diamond Drilling - The Core Drilling Process

Drill Rod Threads: Top 5 Things That Go Wrong

Drill Site Security – The Need for Sunscreen

Core bits that don’t cut: How to sharpen them

Diamond Drilling: How Hard is Your Rock?

Good Vibrations? Not in Diamond Drilling

How to Keep from Getting Stuck in a Bore Hole

How to drill on steel reinforced concrete

L is for Locking Coupling: How to Choose Yours

Limiting Unexpected Water Flow for Better Core Recovery

Drill Site Security - Extreme Heat

Drill Site Security – Moving Equipment

Diamond Tools in Directional Drilling: Making an Informed Choice

Drilling - Avoid Hidden Costs with Total Cost of Ownership

Geology 101 for Diamond Drillers: Basic Information

Push and Pull Diamond Impregnated Bit

Drill Rods: How to Protect Them

Keep Calm and Lubricate – the Basics on Drilling Lubricants

Top 4 Drilling Fluid Additives You Should Be Using

5 Things To Do Before Going to Drill in a Foreign Land

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use a Drill Bit

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