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EXPLO 220 Geotechnical Drill Rig Hits Success in the Big City

Posted by Rod McCoremick on Nov 6, 2017 3:30:00 PM
Rod McCoremick

One of the differences between mineral exploration and geotechnical drilling is the fact that with geotechnical, drilling is often done in urban areas. This type of drilling often involves construction or repair of structures where the ground conditions need to be tested for stability, pollution or other issues.


The problem is that with traffic, crowded buildings, pedestrians and cyclists, you are drilling in tight spaces and getting your equipment to where you need it can be tough. One of our customers had this type of problem and we’re happy to share how he made his life easier by choosing equipment that was ideal for tight spaces.

New York City is a great example of a crowded urban area with lots of activity and not a lot of available space for drilling equipment. Our customer had been performing geotechnical and environmental drilling in greater New York City for many years. Their projects require geotechnical drilling that is done onsite in buildings. They perform subsurface investigations in support of engineering and design decisions.

The soil sampling often takes place in the basements of buildings where there is not much space or in parking garages where the overhead clearance is limited. They had an older fleet of rigs that were sometimes pieced together in order to get the right size and functions required. The Operations Manager needed to update his equipment and saw our video on the EXPLO 220, a great geotechnical drill rig that is ideal for small spaces. One of the great features of the EXPLO 220 rig is that it is made of 6 fully dismountable parts which can be easily reassembled on site in only 5 to 10 minutes. Read this blog to learn more about the rig or view this video.

In addition to the well-thought out and ergonomic components, the number of capabilities made the equipment very interesting to him. The electric motor was also an important feature. When they were in basements or parking garages, blowing out exhaust was a problem. With an electric motor, they could simply plug the rig into the building’s electrical panel and the problem with exhaust would be resolved. They decided to order one.

I’m happy to say that since they’ve been using the EXPLO 220, they have been able to reach greater depths while in tight spaces. This has given them a competitive edge as they can go where their competitors cannot. They are really happy with the fact that it is lightweight, it’s easy to transport and easy and quick to assemble. They have found it to be very user-friendly so training doesn’t take a lot of time. Seeing as the problem with fumes is eliminated, better safety is a bonus.  This customer is very pleased and ordered another EXPLO 220.



Very often, new products are developed that address specific drilling issues, such as the need to drill in tight spaces. But not all customers are aware of these developments. When I hear of a customer who has had great success with new equipment, I like to share it. If you want more information about this customer and their case study, click here. Don’t hesitate to call our technical team for advice or suggestions on the types of equipment available to make drillers’ lives easier.

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